Your Own Personalized Dave Koz Christmas Gold Album

Join the Celebration! Own a personalized authenic Gold Album Award commemorating your fanship and 20 Years of Dave's wonderful Christmas shows. Just click to view all details, to purchase and have this beautiful conversation piece on your wall with a Certificate of Authenticity hand signed by Dave

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is this an officially authorized Gold Album Award?

Yes, we work directly with Dave Koz and his management team. All design elements and public outreach is 100% approved by Dave himself.

How long will it take from my ordering to receiving my Gold Album Award?

Each of these is hand assembled and laser engraved with your name as well as Dave's signature. We estimate 3-4 weeks, but strive to ship in a shorter time span.

Is this glass  and cleanable?

No, it is not glass. We use top quality and washable plexiglass. Use a dry or slightly damp csoft cloth to dust and clean.

Will each Certificate of Authenticity actually be signed by Dave?

Absolutely!  We never use or allow an artist to use any mechanical device to authograph wen we state HAND SIGNED.

What if my plaque arrives with damaged or with a spelling mistake?

We ship and pack in specially designed containers. Rare for one to arrive damaged or with misspelling. If either condition send  a photo and email with your order number ans we will replace the plaque at noextra cost to us at